Are We There Yet?

With options like public transport, Uber, Pogo, bike commuting, ride sharing and walking, travel has become something we customize. The emphasis is on control, efficient timing, and avoidance of owning an expensive vehicle.  It’s exciting to arrange your travel via Smartphone, for schedules, for arrangements and for mapping but a lesser footprint on the environment is the key behind exploring alternatives to the car.


Samantha Jeffrey, Kieran Ryan, Andrew Batiuk, Coreen Shewfelt

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Kieran Ryan

For each car that the Pogo Company puts on the road, 15 personal vehicles are taken out of the system.  Kieran Ryan saw a similar service in another city, and he decided Edmonton needed a ride share alternative.  You can borrow a car if you need it, and just drop it where you go.

Andrew Batiuk

Tesla owner Andrew Batiuk bought one of Edmonton’s first fully electric powered cars. He did it because he’s passionate about the environment and wanted to make sure Tesla was able to make cars affordable to the average car owner.

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