Trading, swapping, repurposing, redesigning and recycling are some of the ways to move things along the supply chain without buying.   The circle economy is something everyone benefits from.  This episodes looks at some unique ways Edmontonians are engaging in the circle economy.


Jordan Wilson, Alyssa Lau, Dustin Bajer,  Alex Villeneuve, Erika Droessler, Brad Jones, Jason Halbauer, Tommy Kalita, Andrew Villeneuve

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Alyssa Lau

A fashion blogger with a strong sense of social and environmental justice, Alyssa applied her beliefs to her love of clothes.  This passion has impelled her to open her own store that sources only sustainable fashions.

Erika Droessler and Brad Jones

Take a tour of Edmonton’s amazing waste treatment plant with Erika Droessler and Brad Jones. In Edmonton we recycle 50% of our garbage, and we are gearing up to make that 90%. The urgency of running out of landfill space made city planners creative with garbage – turning it into a resource rather than a waste.

Dustin Bajer, Alex Villeneuve, and Andrew Villeneuve

High School teacher Dustin Bajer is helping drive a wave of environmental creativity among young Edmontonians through his inclusive and imaginative style of teaching and supporting sustainable projects of his students.

Jason Halbauer and Tommy Kalita

Think Global, Act Local. Jason and Tommy believe in building their community by supporting local businesses and they have come up with a unique way to draw attention and drive traffic to home grown retailers.

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