Food for Thought

This story introduces young people developing urban gardens, food forests, beekeeping, teaching gardening in schools, and food rescue, to the ultimate end product – a sustainable meal. The episode also looks at the inherent importance of quality over quantity.


Ryan Mason, Cathryn Sprague, Jordan Wilson, Jocelyn Crocker, Mike Hamilton, Natasha Bond, Yom, Caitlin Fulton, Mike Johnson, Dan Scratch, Naomi Jacko, Leena Holopainen, Brandi Sawan, Wyatt Stanley-Desjardin

Photo Gallery


Jordan Wilson on Permaculture

Permaculture specialist Jordan Wilson talks about food, water, energy and more from a common sense point of view.  Jordan gives us clear and doable strategies anyone can adopt to make our lives more sustainable.

Jocelyn and Mike’s Food Forest

Beekeeping, composting and growing a front yard fruit forest is made effortless by Jocelyn and Mike.  This young couple are also enthusiastic about bringing food sustainability to the wider community.

School Gardens

At St. Joe’s School in the heart of Edmonton, Natasha Bond is discovering the healing and learning gifts that gardening and growing food provide. Over at Inner City High Dan Scratch and his students are learning about how food plays into the story of social justice.

Range Road Restaurant’s Caitlyn Fulton

Range Road restaurant was a pioneering restaurant in the Edmonton landscape.  Serving only locally grown food from farmers and growers in and around the city, Caitlyn’s restaurant offers only the most delicious haute cuisine.

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