Give Me Shelter

This episode begins by looking at housing and then explores a variety of creative and green energy alternatives to help conserve and divert scarce energy resources.  From tiny homes and solar panels, to plans for North America’s first geothermal based community.


Clifton Lofthaug, Chris Buyze, Michael MacDougall, Aimee Kozun,  Matt Lewis, Marc Davison, Kenton Zerbin, Jordan Wilson, Aaron Dublenko, Mason Rubik, Jacob Komar

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Chris Buyze

Design is everything when it comes to building a home with Battle Lake Design.  Chris Buyze shows us that a straw bale house his company built can be both architecturally beautiful and leave very tiny footprint.

Aimee Kozun, Michael MacDougall, Matt Lewis, Marc Davison , Kenton Zerbin

Tiny houses are very popular now, and they could provide part of the solution of the problem of homelessness. We go for a tour and find out how these attractive and affordable homes can be viable in a northern climate

Mason Rubik and Aaron Dublenko

Teacher Aaron Dublenko and student Mason Rubik talk about how students are being the ones to revolutionize how we look at energy and its use.

Jordan Wilson

Permaculture specialist Jordan Wilson talks about food, water, energy and more from a common sense point of view. Jordan gives us clear and doable strategies anyone can adopt to make our lives more sustainable.

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