Still Water

Water is not a consumer good, but part of us, necessary for life, a human right that comes with responsibility. With ample evidence abounding, youth today are imagining the loss of clean, accessible and free water, and are searching for new ways to keep it flowing. From river keepers and hydrologists to permaculture activists who collect rainwater, this episode looks at ways of protecting the water we have and recycling what we use.


Nilufar Islam, Craig Bonneville, Jordan Wilson, Kurtis Ewanchuk, Scott MacIntosh


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Nilufar Islam

With a passion for access to clean drinking water for all, Nilufar has created important and significant work to help remote communities provide safe water, with the least environmental footprint on the landscape.

Craig Bonneville

Edmonton takes its water from a river, and returns it there.  Craig Bonnyville takes us on a tour of Edmonton’s water treatment plant and tells us how the City continues to improve how we take advantage of this precious resource.

Jordan Wilson

Permaculture specialist Jordan Wilson talks about food, water, energy and more from a common sense point of view.  Jordan gives us clear and doable strategies anyone can adopt to make our lives more sustainable.

Kurtis Ewanchuk

One of the core tenets of permaculture is sharing and Kurtis Ewanchuk is an enthusiastic example of that.  From his acreage outside of Edmonton, Kurtis offers a variety of workshops that are very hands on and demonstrable.  People come out to participate in projects and get a chance to reconnect with the land.

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