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To save the world, or at least change it, you must have hope. Hope has become the new survival tool. Rather than cynicism, youth are sharing and connecting ways to coexist, converge, cooperate and conserve their common home. There is a sense that together, they can overcome by embracing the earth in all their daily living. This constant mindfulness also includes cherry picking from different belief systems, to formulate an individual spirituality or secular sacred.  This attitude includes taking initiatives in other places of the world, or bringing home initiatives from elsewhere.


Kurtis Ewanchuk, Dianne Connors, Mary Ellen Shain, Ashton James, Oksana Ukovyk, Denika Piggott, Brianna Olson

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Kurtis Ewanchuk

One of the core tenets of permaculture is sharing and Kurtis Ewanchuk is an enthusiastic example of that.  From his acreage outside of Edmonton, Kurtis offers a variety of workshops that are very hands on and demonstrable.  People come out to participate in projects and get a chance to reconnect with the land.

Mary Ellen Shain

Water is life. Mary Ellen Shain has a deep respect for the powers of nature and the regenerative nature of water. She is part of the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance tasked with preserving the health of Edmonton’s river.

Ashton James

Ashton James travels abroad to help disadvantaged communities in Africa and has discovered that she learned more from them than anything she could teach them.

Oksana Udovyk

Drawing on her upbringing and experience growing up an economically challenged part of Ukraine, post doctorate fellow Oksana Udovyk has discovered that hardship and stress builds creativity and resilience.

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