Jocelyn Crocker and Mike Hamilton

Beekeeping, composting and growing a front yard fruit forest is made effortless by Jocelyn and Mike.  This young couple are also enthusiastic about bringing food sustainability to the wider community.

School Gardens

At St. Joe’s School in the heart of Edmonton, Natasha Bond is discovering the healing and learning gifts that gardening and growing food provide. Over at Inner City High Dan Scratch and his students are learning about how food plays into the story of social justice.

Caitlyn Fulton

Range Road restaurant was a pioneering restaurant in the Edmonton landscape.  Serving only locally grown food from farmers and growers in and around the city, Caitlyn’s restaurant offers only the most delicious haute cuisine.

Jordan Wilson

Permaculture specialist Jordan Wilson talks about food, water, energy and more from a common sense point of view.  Jordan gives us clear and doable strategies anyone can adopt to make our lives more sustainable.

Nilufar Islam

With a passion for access to clean drinking water for all, Nilufar has created important and significant work to help remote communities provide safe water, with the least environmental footprint on the landscape.

Craig Bonneville

Edmonton takes its water from a river, and returns it there.  Craig Bonnyville takes us on a tour of Edmonton’s water treatment plant and tells us how the City continues to improve how we take advantage of this precious resource.

Chris Buyze

Design is everything when it comes to building a home with Battle Lake Design.  Chris Buyze shows us that a straw bale house his company built can be both architecturally beautiful and leave very tiny footprint.

Aimee Kozun, Michael MacDougall, Matt Lewis, Marc Davison , Kenton Zerbin

Tiny houses are very popular now, and they could provide part of the solution of the problem of homelessness.  We go for a tour and find out how these attractive and affordable homes can be viable in a northern climate

Mason Rubik and Aaron Dublenko

Teacher Aaron Dublenko and student Mason Rubik talk about how students are being the ones to revolutionize how we look at energy and its use.

Clifton Lofthaug

What started as a hobby for engineer Clifton Lofthaug has been a thriving business outfitting homes and businesses in Edmonton and around the countryside with solar panels that save money, and the environment.

Kieran Ryan

For each car that the Pogo Company puts on the road, 15 personal vehicles are taken out of the system.  Kieran Ryan saw a similar service in another city, and he decided Edmonton needed a ride share alternative.  You can borrow a car if you need it, and just drop it where you go.

Andrew Batiuk

Tesla owner Andrew Batiuk bought one of Edmonton’s first fully electric powered cars.  He did it because he’s passionate about the environment and wanted to make sure Tesla was able to make cars affordable to the average car owner.

Alyssa Lau

A fashion blogger with a strong sense of social and environmental justice, Alyssa applied her beliefs to her love of clothes.  This passion has impelled her to open her own store that sources only sustainable fashions.

Erika Droessler and Brad Jones

Take a tour of Edmonton’s amazing waste treatment plant with Erika Droessler and Brad Jones.  In Edmonton we recycle 50% of our garbage, and we are gearing up to make that 90%.  The urgency of running out of landfill space made city planners creative with garbage – turning it into a resource rather than a waste.

Dustin Bajer, Alex Villeneuve, and Andrew Villeneuve

High School teacher Dustin Bajer is helping drive a wave of environmental creativity among young Edmontonians through his inclusive and imaginative style of teaching and supporting sustainable projects of his students. Two of those students give us an idea of just how creative they can get once they are inspired.

Jason Halbauer and Tommy Kalita

Think Global, Act Local.  Jason and Tommy believe in building their community by supporting local businesses and they have come up with a unique way to draw attention and drive traffic to home grown retailers.

Ashton James

Ashton James travels abroad to help disadvantaged communities in Africa and has discovered that she learned more from them than anything she could teach them.

Oksana Udovyk

Drawing on her upbringing and experience growing up an economically challenged part of Ukraine, post doctorate fellow Oksana Udovyk has discovered that hardship and stress builds creativity and resilience.

Kurtis Ewanchuk

One of the core tenets of permaculture is sharing and Kurtis Ewanchuk is an enthusiastic example of that.  From his acreage outside of Edmonton, Kurtis offers a variety of workshops that are very hands on and demonstrable.  People come out to participate in projects and get a chance to reconnect with the land.

Mary Ellen Shain

Water is life.  Mary Ellen Shain has a deep respect for the powers of nature and the regenerative nature of water.  She is part of the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance tasked with preserving the health of Edmonton’s river.

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