Food for Thought

Dustin Bajer, a highschool teacher and Sustainable living enthusiast, talks about how teaching children to live sustainably and grow their own food contributes to a better, happier, and more food secure future.

Still Water

Permaculturist Jordan Wilson talks about how to save water in the home, the importance of water to permaculture design, and how we can save and protect our most precious resource.

Give Me Shelter

Jacob Komar explains the ins and outs of geothermal heating, and how the key to reducing our environmental footprint may have been right under our noses- and our feet- this entire time.

Are We There Yet?

Coreen Shewfelt talks in depth about how BikeWorks is making cycling resources available to Edmontonians, living a car- free life, and about how we can turn YEG into a cycle friendly city.


Jason Halbauer describes how shopping local can contribute to a richer life and more sustainable local economy, and talks about how Edmonton’s Cash Mobs have had a positive impact on the lives of both local business owners and local consumers.

Transform Me

Oksana Anasko, a PhD student at the University of Alberta, describes how living in times of strife and difficulty lead to people coming together to create sustainable, community based solutions to large social problems.

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